Naturopathic Physician, ND

Dr. Boxtart has been in private practice since 2002, his practice focus is chronic musculoskeletal pain and sports injury along with BHRT in men’s health.

Dr. Boxtart has served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors for 6 years, 3 of those years as the Chairman of the Board. During that position he chaired both the Canadian Naturopathic Coordinating Council and the Canadian Naturopathic Foundation. As a component of these posts, he has been involved in bylaw review under the Canada Not-For-Profit Act and regulatory review and implementation of the Regulated Health Practitioners Act in both BC and Ontario. He received the Dr. Verna Hunt Award for his service to the profession.

He held Adjunct Faculty of Medicine positions with the University of Northern British Columbia in the Northern Medical Program for 9 years, working with new students in the Undergraduate Medical Program, introducing them to medical sociology and Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Boxtart remains a guest speaker at the UNBC Northern Medical Program discussing the challenges and merits of the integration of complementary medicine into the mainstream.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Boxtart was the Team Lead for British Columbia for the Pure North S’Energy Foundation between 2012 to 2016. Pure North is a unique health care not-for-profit organization that provides primary prevention medical services focused on nutritional and lifestyle interventions to vulnerable populations throughout western Canada. In this capacity, Dr. Boxtart supervised the work of medical, para-medical and support staff providing care for over 20,000 patients in multiple centres across British Columbia.

In his private practice, Dr. Boxtart focuses on:

  1. Sports medicine and rehabilitation: Dr. Boxtart utilizes PRP Platelet Prolotherapy in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries, coordinating patient care with active rehabilitation in the community. For athletes, he has developed intravenous nutraceutical interventions used in the areas of acute injury recovery and over-training syndrome.
  2. Men’s health and anti aging medicine: Dr. Boxtart maintains a unique practice, utilizing a combination of natural health products and prescription medications, providing real results for his patients. Anti-Aging and testosterone restoration, sexual function, mental health/stress management are areas of focus for Dr. Boxtart’s practice.